Events and promotions

1. For new member.


Voucher worth 100 baht for new members. The transaction is the first order through the website. Only total price are more than 1,600 Baht.

  1. Customers choose the desired product Then select the color Corrective measures.
  2. Click Payment.
  3. Enter your email for new members.
  4. Name and contact information.
  5. Address for delivery.
  6. Choose the delivery method by clicking read the conditions.
  7. Enter the code WELCOME100
  8. Continue The alternative method of payment.
  9. When your know the order number that it's complete!

If you are confused, click here to view HOW TO ORDER with introduction pictures.

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"Sign Up" use the mail-in registration. If you have questions, contact us at. "Contact Us"

2. Free! The a voucher for the Reviewer.

Voucher worth 100 baht for all customers who order only through the website. Customers who send images back to review our store (all channels). This voucher can be used to order next time.

***Notes 1 order 1 discount. For each customer unlimited use. (TOTAL PRICE must more than 500 baht) for example

  • Order No. 1 Send and receive a voucher for 100 baht.
  • Order No. 2 Send and receive a voucher for 100 baht.
  • ..... (Customers will always receive a voucher. If sent the review back.)
  • Order No. N Send and receive a voucher for 100 baht.

Channel for sending image review Please Contact Us